What does Great Depression mean?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Effects of the Great Depression

The effects of the great depression do not really help us to fully understand what's in store for us with the coming greatest depression, however there are some lessons to be learned from the past that will help us learn how to survive the next great depression. This blog will cover some of the details, great depression lesson plans, and the effects of the great depression. We will cover the REAL cause of the great depression.

To fully understand the effects of the great depression of the 1930's we need to put ourselves in the shoes of the people affected.. Unfortunately many of us are already feeling the effects of the great depression right now. Hold on to your seats because its going to do nothing but get worse!

God speed to all of you, and please follow us as we explore some of the skills we're going to need to get through the greatest depression ever. We will be posting some great depression lesson plans shortly to help guide you... Information is going to be key, and thank heaven for the internet! To help get you started here are a few books we recomend you put into your library RIGHT AWAY! There will soon be shortages on just about everything, I believe these books will be some of the first things to start flying off the shelf as things begin to get much much worse!

Please feel free to post comments. I'm really interested to know what YOU think was the cause of the great depression. What do you think were the effects of the great depression?

Pease out!